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I found QI on YouTube in college. I love QI for a multitude of reasons. It is a show that expects you not to know things and as such, sets out to inform you. But in a funny way, since the panel is entirely composed of comedians, most of them with a background in or current tour of stand-up. They think on their feet and basically talk about everything. I love the randomness and the hilarious-ness. If only it was on American television, I could stop watching it in 10 minute or less segments on YouTube. That would be fantabulous. I’m going to include some quotes here. Basically, the ones I enjoy most.

Stephen Fry: What’s coconut milk?
Phill Jupitus: Tasty!
Stephen Fry: Where’s it come from? What’s it made of?
Phill Jupitus: Coconut cows!

Stephen Fry: If a lion mates with a tiger, you get a…?
Alan Davies: Scandal.

Stephen Fry: Who are the Lords of Shouting?
Jo Brand & Alan Davies: (hitting their buzzers) WE ARE!

Stephen Fry: Do you know what “biscuit” means? What its derivation is? “Bis” meaning…
Alan Davies: Eat, chew…
Stephen Fry: …twice…
Alan Davies: …bite…
Stephen Fry: …twice
Alan Davies: …sweet, hard, coffee cup.
Stephen Fry: …twice. [laughs] Sweet, hard, coffee cup?
Alan Davies: Cup. Coffee cup accompaniment.

Sean Lock: The huntsman spider is the only spider with lungs.
Alan Davies: So you can get it a birthday cake with a candle on.

Phill Jupitus: How big is it?
Stephen Fry: Vast, is the answer.
Phill Jupitus: Thanks for that. How big is it? [mimicking Stephen] Oh, very. I find to quantify its bigness would be doing it a disservice! Bigly big! The vastly big bigness of the dripping thing!


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