Improbable Phrases

Who says that?

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Discovering Self

Today we had an Enrichment Day, where we did an enneagram. I’m not sure how well the system is accepted by the world of psychology, but I liked it. It showed my tendencies toward art, interpersonal relationships and being decisive. So, an interesting day, all tolled. And we were referred to as the “MVS sisters.” So cute.   

And this is my last day for NaBloPoMo. Yay, I did it!  And for April, the grand plan will be revealed tomorrow. 


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Dude, I Just Can’t Do It.

Things I have to stop trying to read (can’t ever get the whole way through):

* Nature themed books
* Job, baby and marriage, I can do it all novels
* Epic history with swords

This is an incomplete list. I know there’s more, but this is a representative of what I returned unread from the last batch.  

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A Day at the Aquarium

We went to the Shedd Aquarium today. It was really fun and really cheap due to a Museum Pass that I got from the library. Have I mentioned how much I loved the library? I think I might have… 

Highlights from the day:

* Mom forgot that chameleons weren’t mammals
* Sarah mixed up Jimi Hendrix and Che Guevara
* A man on the bus announced that he was “psychadelically squared.”
* Daddy and I watched a moray eel swim all over the place. Aren’t they mostly lay-around type animals?!?

And so on… 

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Dinner and a Show

I went to see Wicked yesterday at the Oriental Theater with relatives. The whole thing was beautifully done, with a dragon above the curtain line, gears and wheels not just to move set pieces, but also as set pieces, lighting effects of all sorts, well choreographed dances and so on.  The music was fun, and the story was well told. I was a bit surprised that it ended with things so happy and perfect, but happy rather than sad is a good thing. 

The other part of the evening that was just as fun in a different way was the restuarant beforehand. We shared food and talked, and the girls made origami hats out of the second set of clean napkins that were brought out. They wore them for a picture. It was nice to catch up with them. 

So, yay for theater and for family.

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No! No Lollipops! No One Will Buy Them!

Earlier this week I realized that the Joanne Harris book that I have been waiting for was coming out next month. There is usually a lag of about 6 months between the UK publishing and the US release. There are varying reasons for this: American inability to understand certain British references, American inability to understand the metric system, and so on. Minor changes are made. But this time something odd happened. Harris published “The Lollipop Shoes” and then “Runemarks,” but “Runemarks” made it to American shelves first, back in January. Why? Because in addition to some textual changes that are common to books that bridge the UK/US divide, the marketing process involved re-naming the book formerly known as “The Lollipop Shoes.” Re-naming the book?!? People in America can wrap their head around the words “The Lollipop Shoes.” The issue here was that someone at a Barnes & Noble marketing meeting convinced people that the title would not sell because it sounded too much like chick-lit. Which is an interesting contention. When I first heard of the UK title I thought of the bright clothes that Vianne wore in the movie based on the first book, “Chocolat.” “The Lollipop Shoes” seemed sweet and fairy-tale-ish, but not anything completely insipid and mind-numbing. Besides, it was written by Joanne Harris, who I know does not do chick-lit. And, if you print: Author of Bestseller Chocolat, wouldn’t that clear up any Harlequin Romance-related misunderstanding? All this brings me to a musing: how many times have authors been asked to change book titles because there was a belief that it just wouldn’t sell? And how much does my own book browsing style contribute to that? I know that I won’t pick up a book and check the content if I have issues with the cover or title. So, is the delay on the US release of  “The Girl With No Shadow” aka “The Lollipop Shoes” partially the fault of me and others like me? If so, holy crap book-world, I’m sorry. But I don’t see myself changing my style.