Improbable Phrases

Who says that?

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There was less snow than expected. This is a good thing, but it was colder than expected so we watched more movies than we have in quite a while. Mansfield Park was quite good, but the mother of the love interest was nuts. She was addicted to opium and loved her dogs. This made her completely off in fairyland most of the time. She was woken once and announced to Fannie Price that she would give her one of her puppies when she got married. Seriously, waaaay off in fairyland. It made me wonder, what would be my response if someone offered me a dog upon my marriage to a man that was a total and complete idiot. Pretty sure the dog wouldn’t be enough to do it. Good thing that it wasn’t enough for Fannie either, since I needed her to marry the other guy, who was so intensely hot. Oh my. And tonight we’re watching A Knight’s Tale, where my favorite character is a bit off in fairyland himself: Geoffrey Chaucer. The most memorable part of the film is when he is walking naked down a road because he lost his clothes in a bet. But, a really fun character.

I read: Fourteen Stories by Jay Baruch (Short stories about medicine, sort of. Fairly bad.)


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And the Latest On the Front of: The Stupidly Ridiculous

It took me a half hour to figure out the code to make the teeny brown and pink box on the side of this page link to the NaBloPoMo website. A stupidly ridiculous amount of time. Especially since the help staff sent me an email explaining how to do it. My inability to make sense of the email and adequately implement it serves to further illuminate the reason why I was an English major. There are those that understand HTML. I am not one of those people. Also? In the process of adding that little box, I inadvertantly deleted the bigger green box that was there already. Oh my jeez. Go look at the flippin’ box and click on it, please. At least then my efforts won’t be in vain. And Jesse, before you say anything, yes you could have helped me, but I was going to do it on my own. Lord in heaven, what a debacle that turned out to be. Let that be a lesson to you, kids: if you don’t understand the information given to you by a computer guy, don’t muddle through on your own. Just ask again.

I read: Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam (Series of interconnected stories about four people who go through med school, residency and being “real doctors.” It was really sort of a downer. Nobody liked their jobs and two of them died.)

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To Letter or Not to Letter

I’ve posted every day during this month so far as part of NaBloPoMo. Today I got a notification from them that the theme for April will be letters. And now I’m torn. I was going to give me a month or so off from every day posting, but I love the idea of doing letters. And they were suggesting that it could encompass the two things that you might think of when someone says letters:

  • The alphabet
  • Notes from you to someone else “Dear so-and-so, Love, me”

I like letters. But I don’t know if I can do NaBloPoMo again in April. And it feels like cheating to use the theme and then only blog sometimes. Got to commit, I feel. So, thoughts?

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Hope Is A Thing With Feathers

The birds have started returning to Chicago. Flocks of geese have honked high overhead, flying off to parts unknown for the beginning of warmer weather. Maybe they’re setting up camp at the lake. The seagulls are out in full force, a band of them displaced the pigeons in the plaza on Sunday. Actually, the fact that the pigeons are off of the rooftops and back on the sidewalks is a clear sign of the changes in weather here. Whenever I have to walk through a flock of pigeons I always think of the bird lady in Mary Poppins. But it was a flock of starlings this evening that I saw as I was on the bus that made me smile. The birds, though puffed up with the still lingering cold, have returned and I hope that the flowers will be next. I love the big stone boxes that Mayor Daley had installed near Millenium Park. I understand that it was done as a political ploy to make him look more “green friendly” but I don’t care. They are beautiful when they’re in full bloom and where else would I see impatients in the city? I remember last fall seeing a few “little brown birds” huddled in one of the boxes with the remnants of a nest. Clearly I’m not the only one who loves those boxes.  

I read: The Planets by Dava Sobel (Science writing about the solar system. Daddy, you’d like this one.)

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Easter Eggs

As a child I remember dying eggs at Easter. We’d do a whole dozen in pinks, yellows and blues with crayoned flowers, our names or crosses. Then we’d eat them for a few days afterward. Usually, my mother would end up making the last few into egg salad sandwiches. When I was young, I would refuse to eat them, but as an adult I’ve discovered that they are actually quite good.

Easter is this weekend. It creeps up on me every year. In college, I couldn’t make it home because it was too close to finals. This year, I can’t get away since we don’t get Good Friday or Easter Monday off at work. Easter is for some reason a lesser deal in Western society. Probably because of the lack of presents. There is however, Easter candy. Which is exciting in its own way. In the vein of Easter excitement, this year I have somewhere to go. Every year at Easter, one of the churchgoers has a potluck. So, for the first time in years, I have Easter plans. Which I must say that I am excited about.

And a list of Easter food goodness

  • Marshmallow Peeps
  • Malt Balls
  • Honey Ham
  • Hard boiled Eggs

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Doors Falling.

I wonder as I wander out under the sky…

Seems to have stopped about a half hour ago. But still. No mas. Me entiendes?

Today I watched a bus fall apart. It was a particularly singular experience. As we stopped at Madison, the driver opened the front doors and before anyone could get on or near, the left door fell off the hinge and hit the sidewalk with a resounding crack. The plexiglass was knocked into several sections. The driver peered out at it and muttered, “Fuck.” And then we waited for the next bus. In the event of a transfer due to bus malfunction, there is no charge, but you do have to cram on. I was offered a seat, which was nice, but almost couldn’t squeeze my way out at my stop, which was not. Ah well. 

Things I forgot today:
Last minute finance meeting
Anna’s call